Little, Large, & Level-Headed


25% of the profits of the books is going to two charities – SOSAD and Women’s Aid

Every year Transition Year students in St. Louis Dundalk get the opportunity to create a company. This year we decided to write a book. It was quite a daunting task. We had an idea for a book, but no idea how to bring it to fruition. With the help of Ms Fitzsimons and our families we started the journey and so SZE Stories was born.

A topic that affects lots of people to varying degrees is bullying. We wanted to offer a gentle solution to children that can help them to cope with, and understand the issue. And so ‘Little, Large, & Level-Headed’ was born. The book presents a strategy that offers help and advice to young children. We hope they will grow up with the mantra ‘I’m okay, and I’m happy as I am.’

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